What's Happening

Gerber Group Does BikeMS: New York City

Scott Gerber and Gerber Group are riding in BikeMS: New York City on Sunday, October 22nd, in support of Scott's close friend, Brad.

Brad was first diagnosed with MS in 2002. After taking a 50 mile bike ride, which was common for him, Brad had numbness in his leg that didn't go away. He went to the neurologist and had a MRI that showed multiple lesions on the brain and spinal cord.

MS is insidious, pervasive and unpredictable. Unremitting fatigue and loss of body control are part of his every day. It's not the kind of tired that a nap will assuage. His body tires after a few steps, his brain gets exhausted after a short conversation or reading an article. Constant tremors, sometimes subtle and other times dramatic, make his movement unstable. All of this forces him to skip doing the things that he enjoys and spending time with the people who are meaningful to him. For Brad the worst part is knowing that MS is as hard, disruptive and challenging for the people who love him as it is for himself.

Scott is one of the lucky ones that gets to spend a lot of time with Brad, and he respects his courage and cherishes every day he gets to spend with him. 

Please join us in supporting BikeMS and all those battling MS. Your support will drive MS research forward faster, and deliver services to those, like Brad, who face the challenges of MS every day so they can live their best lives.

Don't Just Ride, Bike MS.